About Trials


Those of us into trials just can’t understand why it isn’t the most popular form of riding on the planet! We can’t think of reasons not to ride, only why you should!:

– Suits all ages, genders and levels of experience
– Very friendly, supportive family atmosphere
– The lowest costs and maintenance levels of any moto-sport
– Minimal fuel use and low impact on the environment
– Great exercise, both physically and mentally
– Very low rates and degrees of injury
– Friendly competitions as you compete against the terrain, not other riders
– Minimal specialist riding gear beyond helmets and boots
– Develop skills that translate to all other forms of motorbike riding
– Different levels let you choose as much challenge as you want
– Low impact allows riding in your 70s and possibly even beyond.

Have a look at our video below and see if it’s the sport for you!

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