club events for 2018

Link to all trials events in Queensland for 2018. This includes all of our events and other trials clubs too. As a member of WDTC you can automatically ride in the club events of the other MA-affliated clubs.

You can sign up for events online using the RiderNet website that you also use for your MA license and club memberships.

See our Facebook page for updates on these events in case of changes, and also regular practice days.

A Calendar of events for 2018 can be downloaded here

like to help us to run the events?

Heart felt thanks to all the amazing people who slave away behind the scenes to make our events so much fun: club officials, volunteers, observers and working bee members. If you enjoy the riding but have never pitched in before feel free to help out our small hard working team!

how do i enter a competition?

For each competition, the club is required to publish a set of Supplementary Regulations (or "supp regs" for short) which give details of the competition including location, starting time, entry fee and entry forms. These are published on the Motorcycling Queensland website and Trials Australia. We will provide links on this page where possible.

Your trials bike will need to pass a machinery inspection on the day (details here). Make sure you are on time!

Complete the entry form and send it with the correct entry fee to the competition secretary by the closing date for the competition. If you are unsure of anything, contact the competition secretary using the details on the Supplementary Regulations.

For full details on how a competition works, see our Trials Competition page. Let us know if it's your first time and we'll make sure you get plenty of helpful advice and support on the day!