western districts trials club photos

A few photos and vids from our social and competition moto-trials events. Below is probably the most important trials video you will ever watch.


Stop monkeying around and let your riding evolve - get into trials!


How a trials rider sees the world...


Awesome to see our young club members improve so much at training days!


"Oh, look. A 20 cent coin!" The dangers of getting distracted mid-section...

Experienced rider balances mid-section for a front tyre puncture repair.

Correct facial expression and tongue positioning are critical for cleaning a section.

Some of the spectacular terrain at Esk, the usual trials playground for members of the club.

The Esk property used by our moto-trials club has a bit of everything - steep rock faces, sandy beaches, rocky creek beds, boulders, grassy sections, camping ground and facilities.

Tom Wager, our junior champion riding in the 2013 Nationals where he placed fifth.

You are never too young to start riding observed trials!



One way to minimise front tyre wear.

How to minimise tyre wear at both ends.

It's not ALWAYS about riding slow, at least for the younger riders.




Pre-competition mechanical inspection
How to walk a section


How to balance on a trials bike

Full lock turns & pivot turns
Wheelies on a trials bike
Rocky ground & creek beds


Hopping the front wheel
Hopping the rear wheel
Double blips & zaps
How to use the bashplate


Splatters & jumping gaps
Holding pressure
How to do floater turns


MTCQ interclub trial at Undullah Easter 2014
WDTC club trial at Deongwar 6 April 2014
WDTC Interclub trial, Emervale 16 March 2014
WDTC club trial at Deongwar 2 Feb 2014

WDTC summer practice series 22 Dec 2013
WDTC summer practice series 15 Dec 2013


Trials & tribulations of a newcomer to observed trials
Western Districts junior - Tom Wager
Esk - moto-trials playground for WDTC members
Ruben Chadwick - Qld Junior champ 2013




WARNING - trials is highly addictive. The withdrawal symptoms after a week without trials riding are clear.



"Huh, looks easy. I could do that." Spectating is a whole lot easier than actually riding trials.




"Damn where is the balance point on this bike?"




One of the girls practising her balance technique.





There is huge range of bikes at each meeting - the classics always add a touch of class.











Going down... gravity-defying moves is all in a day's work for the club's more experienced riders.















Some of the amazing workers who keep the club going.





The Wager brothers chasing each other's tails.















The family that wheelies together, stays together